7 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Going Into College

7 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Going Into College

If you're here you more than likely have read a little bit about me. Thankfully, I am past this stage of my life and have survived undergrad. It doesn't have to be a negative experience like I'm making it sound. It will be though, if you let it.

Be open to making new friends

I learned this the hard way. But it is so important that you are open minded about meeting people and being friendly. Be kind to everyone. And try to bond with those that you like. You never know, your freshman roommate could turn out to be your bffl. Or not! And that's okay too.

Take your schoolwork seriously, but not too seriously

I know your parents want you to end your first semester with straight As. It probably won't happen. College academics are different from high school work - you will have to adjust. Try to do your best. But don't let it take over your life - it's okay not to be perfect.

Take care of yourself

This is SO important! Take a break from schoolwork. Hang out with friends. Journal or read to disconnect for a little. Take a walk around campus and listen to a podcast. Be kind to your body - eat well, exercise when you can, and try not to overdo it with the beverages. There is plenty of time for that later on, I promise. And get tf to sleep! Staying up until 2am will only make your days harder.

Talk to your professors

Personally this has always intimidated me. I was always the quietest one in the class and hated to be called on. However, most professors will be helpful if you let them. Go after class to avoid all eyes on you and just introduce yourself to your professor. This will go a long way. Go to office hours if you don't understand something. Most professors are understanding - they were in your shoes at one point and want to help you. That's also their job.

Another benefit to talking to your professors is building a network. You will eventually need references for jobs and if your professor knows you, they are much more likely to give you a great reference. This can be really helpful when you are job hunting. Plus, creating your network is never a bad thing - you never know when you will need someone's help in the future.

Call your mom

If you're anything like me you wanted to get away from your house and maybe take a little break from your family. I get it. But, for the most part, your mom has your best interest in mind. She was also, at one point, in her 20s. She gets how tough and confusing it can be. Ask for advice. When you really don't want to listen to your parents is when you probably should.

Go out and socialize, but be careful

Ahhhh if someone told me this when I was 18 and a fresh college student I would've rolled my eyes. I had my fun going out in college - likely a little too much fun. However, I've seen some scary things happen while out and drinking and you think it will never be you until it is. Learn from me when I say life is about so much more than drinking and partying. But enjoy yourself too. And don't feel bad about saying no.

Stay organized

Yeah. yeah. But no really - this is a game changer. When you have your day scheduled life is a lot less stressful. Plan when you will do your assignments. Do them before the day they are due, PLEASE. Plan when you will go to the gym or take a walk. Plan to give yourself time to breath - it is so necessary.

Below is the planner I use and swear by; I would never recommend something random. Using a tangible daily planner holds you accountable to do what you plan to do! Plus it's cute. By using the link I receive a small commission if you purchase.


You certainly can make it through your undergrad without reading this post. I did, barely. Lol. I think it is most important to remember yourself and how important it is to take care of yourself first, and the rest will be easier.